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Light all-purpose bot

Mobility Ground
Giant No
Cost 100
Unlock cost 0
Units 18
HP 117
Attack 56
Target Air & Ground
Attack Interval 1.5s
Splash Damage No
Burst Damage 1008
Max DPS 672
Range 75m
Speed 6m/s
Cheap and available in large quantities. It excels at dealing considerable damage at medium and long range to all types of units.
Values are normalized to the supply cost of the unit to make it easier to compare units.
The Splash Index tries to calculate the effectiveness vs spam by multiply attacks with slash area and a penalty for damage below 350.
Unit Cost


HP Value


Burst Value


DPS Value


Splash Index




Fangs are a cheap, slow-moving, and versatile chaff unit that can be customized to fulfill a variety of battlefield roles.

Without upgrades, fangs are effective at killing fragile air units such as Wasps and Phoenixes, and are moderately effective against both chaff and single targets thanks to their high rate of fire. Defensively, Fangs excel at drawing fire from enemy squads with high single-target damage due to their high unit count. They make better damage shields than the similarly numerous Crawlers due to their slower movement speed - Crawlers will typically outpace slower ranged units and are at higher risk of being destroyed before the rest of your army can begin attacking.

While splash damage is still effective at dealing with Fangs, they are less vulnerable to most enemy AoE units compared to Crawlers as they can attack from mid to long range- unlike Crawlers, Fangs can attack and deal damage before their squad is wiped out by enemy fire. Conversely, the Fang's slow movement speed makes them vulnerable to enemy Stormcallers, whereas the Crawler is speedy enough to outrun their rockets. Like other high rate-of-fire units, Fangs deal little to no damage against units with the Armor Enhancement tech upgrade.

The greatest advantage Fangs give their commander is their ability to exponentially grow in power over the course of a match. The low recruitment cost and relatively long range of a squad of Fang mechs make it easy to amass a large number of Fangs and overwhelm enemy armies with sheer weight of fire. While any unit will benefit from having tech upgrades, they are particularly impactful when affecting a large number of units at once. Upgrading Fangs with increased damage or range can close out a game unless your opponent has invested significant resources into countering them (e.g. multiple Vulcans with Range Enhancement).

If you are mainly using Fangs to absorb fire for your more important units, the Portable Shield upgrade makes them far more durable against burst damage (e.g. Fortresses and Marksmen), while making them noticeably more durable against units with weak but numerous attacks (e.g. Mustangs, other Fangs). However, this upgrade does little to increase their durability against most AoE units, who either hit multiple times per attack (e.g. Stormcallers, Overlords), or can attack fast enough to kill units through the shield (e.g. Arclights).

Tech Upgrades

Icon Name Cost Description
Ignite 300 Attacks have a chance to ignite the target unit. Ignited units lose 6% HP per second for 2s
Range Enhancement 300 Increases attack range by 40m
Range 115m
Mechanical Rage 300 Increases the movement speed of units by 5m/s and reduces attack interval by 0.5s
Speed 11m/s, Attack interval 1s
Portable Shield 400 Every Fang obtains an energy shield that absorbs damage equal to its HP and can block at least one instance fo damage
Armor-Piercing Bullets 250 Increases ATK by 50%
Attack 84

Update Notes

  • Range reduced from 80 meters to 75 meters.
  • ATK increased from 54 to 56.
  • The price of [Portable Shield] adjusted from 400 to 450.
  • Attack adjusted from 55 to 54
  • [Armor Piercing Bullet]: Price adjusted from 200 to 250
  • Attack adjusted from 54 to 55.
  • Page created