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Light aircraft

Mobility Air
Giant No
Cost 200
Unlock cost 50
Units 12
HP 302
Attack 202
Target Air & Ground
Attack Interval 1.4s
Splash Damage No
Burst Damage 2424
Max DPS 1731
Range 50m
Speed 16m/s
Swift and fragile aerial units. They can deal horrifying damage while their group remains intact.
Values are normalized to the supply cost of the unit to make it easier to compare units.
The Splash Index tries to calculate the effectiveness vs spam by multiply attacks with slash area and a penalty for damage below 350.
Unit Cost

16.7 - 20.8

HP Value

14.5 - 18.1

Burst Value

9.7 - 12.1

DPS Value

6.9 - 8.7

Splash Index




Wasps can be played in many different ways depending on the board state and your technology choices.

In early game you can use Wasps as a harassment unit with jump drive and mobile beacon. It's very effective if the enemy has holes in his defense. Later on you can add Rhinos in front of them to power through the defenses or just switch to defensive formation and jump drive the wasps back and tech shields for them and use them as meat shields.

You can use them as your main damage deal unit as they deal insane amount of damage with good item and ground specialization. They are very squishy though and you need to protect them by throwing something like Rhinos in front of them. The key in this strategy is to get early levels on the Wasps so they are a menace with items. In later rounds you can't block damage coming to them with front line units and the only way is to go elite marksmen/range on them to keep them safe.

Most often Wasps are just used as meat shields. They are good vs leveled Marksmen and Melting Points in particular. One good trick is also to use them to block sentry missiles. The missiles have a big splash radius and if you have clumped up ground units who would all die, you can tank the missile with wasps and the splash will hit only air units.

Tech Upgrades

Wasp Tech Upgrades
Icon Name Cost Description
Energy Shield 300 Obtain an energy shield that absorbs damage equal to your HP and can block at least one instance of damage.
Range Enhancement 300 Increases attack range by 40m
Range 90m
Jump Drive 50 Increases Wasp's movement speed by 5m/s and allows Wasp's to be freely repositioned during the deployment phase of every round
Speed 21m/s
Ground Specialization 200 ATK increases by 200% to ground units
Attack 606 vs ground, vs air no change
Elite Marksman 300 The effect increases with unit level, increasing range by 8m and ATK by 20% per level increased
Ignite 200 Attacks have a chance to ignite the target unit. Ignited units lose 6% HP per second for 2s
Electromagnetic Shot 200 Causes electromagnetic interference on hit, temporarily disabling the target unit's Tech and reducing its movement speed by 40%
Debuff duration 2 seconds
High-Explosive Ammo 150 Increases splash damage range by 7m, but reduces ATK by 40%
Attack 121, Splash 7m
Armor-Piercing Bullets 200 Increases ATK by 50%
Attack 303
Aerial Specialization 200 Attack against air units is increased by 90%, and the range when attacking air units is increased by 30m
Attack 384 and Range 80m vs air, vs ground no change

Update Notes

  • Attack interval adjusted from 1.5s to 1.4s.
  • [Aerial Specialization]The additional damage caused to air units is increased from 70% to 90%.
  • HP and ATK increased by 7%
  • The price of [Elite Marksman] reduced from 400 to 300.
  • [Aerial Specialization]: Price adjusted from 300 to 200.
  • [High-Explosive Ammo]: Price adjusted from 200 to 150.
  • [Elite Marksman]: Attack bonus adjusted from 23% to 20%.
  • Adjusted the attack bonus of all [Elite Marksman] tech from 30% per level to 23% per level
  • New Technology [Air Defense Specialization]: Attack against air units is increased by 75%, and the range when attacking air units is increased by 30.
  • Adjusted speed from 15m/s to 16m/s
  • The cost of Wasp's [High Explosive Ammo] has been adjusted from 300 to 200
  • The cost of Wasp's [Electromagnetic Shot] is adjusted from 300 to 200
  • Electromagnetic Shot tech added
  • Page created