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Heavy melee bot

Mobility Ground
Giant No
Cost 200
Unlock cost 50
Units 1
HP 19297
Attack 3297
Target Ground Only
Attack Interval 0.9s
Splash Damage 6.0m
Burst Damage 3297
Max DPS 3663
Range Melee
Speed 16m/s
High speed, high HO, and capable of causing massive splash damage at close range.
Values are normalized to the supply cost of the unit to make it easier to compare units.
The Splash Index tries to calculate the effectiveness vs spam by multiply attacks with slash area and a penalty for damage below 350.
Unit Cost

200 - 250

HP Value

77.2 - 96.5

Burst Value

13.2 - 16.5

DPS Value

14.7 - 18.3

Splash Index




The Rhino is a fast, durable melee unit that charges into enemy units in order to deal devastating damage at close range with its dual sawblade arms.

The Rhino's attacks are powerful and have a reasonably high attack speed, making it effective at destroying small groups of units (e.g. Sledgehammers, Steel Balls), as well as single targets (e.g. Vulcans). The Rhino's attacks also have a small area of effect that make it decent at killing high unit-count squads such as Fangs, although its AoE doesn't cover a wide enough area to clear a unit of chaff in one or two attacks. The Rhino is also fast enough to outrun unguided rockets from the Stormcaller and the Overlord, limiting the damage it takes from those units, and its speed and damage make it an effective unit to place on enemy flanks.

It is relatively difficult to effectively counter a Rhino with a single unit - it can trade with most enemy units reasonably well, while air units will need to constantly move to catch up with it as it sprints past them. A Melting Point can effectively kill a Rhino, but they are an expensive answer at 400 supply. Rhinos also have good synergy with Crawlers - they share similar speed and range, and Crawlers can absorb the high-damage attacks that would normally threaten a Rhino.

As powerful as they are, Rhinos have a number of key weaknesses. Rhinos can't attack air units and require support from the player's other units to remove. Their other main weakness is their short range. The Rhino needs to charge headlong into enemy fire in order to begin attacking, which becomes harder to do the longer a game lasts - if your Rhinos need to sustain fire from 5 or 6 enemy units, it becomes far less likely that they'll make it into melee range and deal damage. Their tendency to run ahead of the rest of your units also makes them particularly susceptible to enemy Hackers, particularly if the Hackers are high-level or have increased damage from equipment.

The Rhino's tech upgrades are balanced between increasing its damage potential against certain unit types and increasing its resilience to incoming damage. Whirlwind gives the Rhino enough AoE to kill most chaff units in 1-2 attacks, while mechanical rage lets it more effectively attack small groups or large single targets. Final blitz is an unorthodox upgrade that allows the Rhino to deal significant damage upon its death in an area, which can be round-ending if it detonates near a group of units with short range (e.g. Crawlers and Steel Balls). Photon Coating and Armor Enhancement reduces the damage taken by the Rhino - Photon Coating is more effective against high burst damage attacks (e.g. Marksman), while Armor Enhancement is more effective against high fire-rate units (e.g. Mustangs). Field Maintenance and Wreckage Recycling let the Rhino heal over the course of a round and increase its effective HP total.

Tech Upgrades

Icon Name Cost Description
Whirlwind 250 When there are multiple enemies around, Rhino will use Whirlwind to attack all surrounding enemies, dealing 1.5 times the damage of Rhino's attack power over a long time
"long time" sound worse then it is. Attack interval 1.5s, splash area around Rhino
Photon Coating 300 Covers the unit with a photon coating, reducing damage received by 50% for the first 16s of battle and grants immunity to electromagnetic, ignition and acid effects
Field Maintenance 300 Automatically restores 4.5% Max HP per second upon taking damage
Heal 868
Final Blitz 250 Rhino activates a self-destruct mechanism at 0 HP, dealing damage equivalent to Rhino's Max HP to all units within 48m
Mechanical Rage 200 Increases the movement speed of units by 5m/s and reduces attack interval by 0.3s
Speed 21m/s - Attack interval 0.6s
Wreckage Recycling 100 Upon destroying an enemy, recovers HP equal to the enemies HP
Power Armor 300 Increases HP by 25% and grants immunity to slow
HP 24121
Armor Enhancement 200 HP is increased by 35% and 60 damage is blocked when attacked. The damage blocking effect increases by 60 with each level
HP 26051

Update Notes

  • [FINAL BLITZ]: Price adjusted from 300 to 250
  • [Armor Enhancement]: HP bonus adjusted from 20% to 35%
  • Tech [Armor Enhancement] now adds an additional 20% HP.
  • Base attack interval reverted from 1.0 to 0.9
  • The cost of technology [Whirlwind] decreased to 250, and the [Whirlwind] attack interval decreased from 1.7 to 1.5
  • The attack interval reduction value of [Mechanical Rage] adjusted from 0.2 to 0.3
  • [Photon Coating] price adjusted from 250 to 300
  • [Final Blitz] price adjusted from 250 to 300
  • [Power Armor] price adjusted from 250 to 300
  • Rhino's attack interval is adjusted from 0.7 seconds to 1 second, and the damage per hit is increased to 3297
  • Adjusted speed from 15m/s to 16m/s
  • Unlocking cost from 0 to 50; Photon Coating 20s -> 16s
  • Power Armor health bonus adjusted from 35% to 25%; Rhino health reduced by 10%
  • Power Armor Tech added
  • Photon Coating changed from 45% / 16s -> 55% / 20s
  • Page created