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Light melee robot

Mobility Ground
Giant No
Cost 100
Unlock cost 0
Units 24
HP 261
Attack 66
Target Ground Only
Attack Interval 0.6s
Splash Damage No
Burst Damage 1584
Max DPS 2640
Range Melee
Speed 16m/s
High-speed melee units that fight in a group. They can be a source of terrifying damage while their group remains intact.
Values are normalized to the supply cost of the unit to make it easier to compare units.
The Splash Index tries to calculate the effectiveness vs spam by multiply attacks with slash area and a penalty for damage below 350.
Unit Cost


HP Value


Burst Value


DPS Value


Splash Index




The Crawler is the most versatile unit in the game. They are always useful, as well placed crawlers will win you early game and packs of crawlers distract enemies in late game for a long time.

They are a very aggressive unit that do well in flanks. And even back deployed crawlers are so fast they are in time for battle even if you are the one pushing.

Their usual use case is just to take enemy fire and pull key enemy units away from certain positions. But they are dangerous with technologies. You can poke around the enemy defenses a bit with cheap crawlers and if you see an opening you can do 2 technologies for them in a single turn to completely surprise them.

If the enemy farms your crawlers with vulcans or mustangs, you can drop Rhinos in front of them, for example, to take the aggro.

Tech Upgrades

Crawler Tech Upgrades
Icon Name Cost Description
Mechanical Rage 200 Increases movement speed of units by 5m/s and reduces attack interval by 0.2s
Speed 21m/s, Attack interval 0.4s
Replicate 200 Uses destroyed enemies to create more Crawlers
Subterranean Blitz 250 Increases movement speed by 3m/s, tunnels underground when there are no enemies within 40m and nullify 70% of damage received, and emerge from beneath the ground and attack upon arriving near the enemy
Speed 19m/s
Acidic Explosion 200 Destroyed Crawlers leave acidic liquid on the ground in a radius of 9m. Units within the acidic liquid lose 6% HP per second and have their DEF reduced
Impact Drill 200 Increases ATK by 200%
Attack 198

Replicate Notes

Only affects ground units, Shares effect with Parasitic Ammo

Unit Destroyed # of Crawlers
Crawler 1
Fang 1
Mustang 1
Sledgehammer 2
Steel Balls 5
Marksman 9
Arclight 9
Rhino 12
Hacker 12
Vulcan 16
Fortress 16
Melting Point 16
War Factory 70

Update Notes

  • ATK reduced from 131 to 66.
  • Attack interval reduced from 1.2 to 0.6.
  • The attack interval reduction value of [Mechanical Rage] is reduced from 0.4 to 0.2.
  • [Subterranean Blitz]: Price adjusted from 300 to 250
  • Adjusted speed from 15m/s to 16m/s
  • Page created