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This template contains all unit data (HP, Speed, Attack, (Attack) Interval, Range, Splash (Range), Target, Units, Giant, Mobility, Cost, Unlock Cost, Upkeep)

Using the Template with a unit name sets the variables {{UnitData|Fortress}}

On the unit pages the data is automatically pulled and placed in variables (hp, speed, atk, atkint, range, splash, target, units, giant, mobility, cost, unlockcost, burst, dps), ready to use on the page with e.g. {{#var:speed}}.

A single value can be pulled without overriding the variables {{UnitData|Fortress|speed}}.

Melting damage is set as a range "1 - 9000" allowing the math to work.

Missiles usually cam in packs of 4 but the damage/attack shown is for one missile, so add a multiplier e.g. "555 * 4" looks nicer and math works fine.

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