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Long-range anti-unit bot

Mobility Ground
Giant No
Cost 100
Unlock cost 0
Units 1
HP 1622
Attack 2329
Target Air & Ground
Attack Interval 3.1s
Splash Damage No
Burst Damage 2329
Max DPS 751
Range 140m
Speed 8m/s
Great attack range, astounding single target damage, and excels at sniping from afar.
Values are normalized to the supply cost of the unit to make it easier to compare units.
The Splash Index tries to calculate the effectiveness vs spam by multiply attacks with slash area and a penalty for damage below 350.
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HP Value


Burst Value


DPS Value


Splash Index




The Marksman is an inexpensive unit that specializes in destroying single targets with powerful long-range attacks. Its fragile defenses and its low fire rate make them vulnerable to squads with high unit counts such as Crawlers or Mustangs. Marksmen are also vulnerable to any unit that can match or exceed its range - by default, only Stormcallers can outrange Marksmen, but many units can purchase range upgrades to trade shots with them.

A team of Marksmen deployed in the back of your army can easily rack up kills from a safe distance, although placing them too far back can leave them easily tied down by chaff units placed on the flanks. Since they are cheap and can be fielded relatively early, Marksmen can rapidly gain experience and levels given the relative safety from which they kill units. A level two Marksman can take out a Sledgehammer tank in one shot instead of two, halving the time a Marksman needs to destroy the squad, while teams of veteran Marksmen have high enough damage to threaten even giant units, making them a very cost-effective counter to frontline units such as Fortresses and Vulcans if they are levelled up in the late game.

The Marksman's upgrades focus almost entirely on boosting its damage output. Doubleshot boosts its single-target damage still further, and is also an effective answer to Phoenixes upgraded with Portable Shield - the first shot will break the shield and the second will kill the Phoenix. Range Enhancement, while seemingly redundant for one of the longest-range units in the game, is used to maintain ranged superiority against other units with upgraded range. Elite Marksman is an effective upgrade due to the Marksman's tendency to rack up EXP consistently and safely. Quick Reload's main use is against small groups of units (e.g. Sledgehammers, Phoenixes) where attack speed is more important to kill efficiently than per-shot damage.

The remaining two upgrades are more situational - Electromagnetic shot is difficult to land on key targets due to the Marksman's low fire rate and single-target attacks, while Shooting Squad is largely ineffectual unless the player fields large numbers of Marksmen.

Tech Upgrades

Icon Name Cost Description
Assault Mode 150 MARKSMAN's HP is increased by 500%, movement speed is increased by 3, ATK is increased by 30%, and attack has a area damage of 9 meters, but range is reduced by 70.
HP 9732, Speed 11m/s, ATK 3028, Splash 9m, Range 70m
Doubleshot 300 Each attack fires 2 bullets in succession but increases reload time by 15%
DPS 1307
Range Enhancement 300 Increases attack range by 40m
Range 180
Quick Reload 300 Multiplies Marksman's attack speed at the cost of lower damage
Attack Interval * 0.5 (1.6s), Attack * 0.5 (1165)
Electromagnetic Shot 300 Causes electromagnetic interference on hit, temporarily disabling the target unit's Tech and reducing its movement speed by 40%
Debuff duration 3.6 seconds
Elite Marksman 400 The effect increases with unit level, increasing range by 8m and ATK by 20% per level increased
Shooting Squad 300 At the beginning of the combat, summon 5 Fangs at the same level as Marksman to fight with you.
Aerial Specialization 250 ATK increases by 75% to aerial units, increases range by 30 when attacking aerial units
Attack 4076 and Range 170m vs air, vs ground no change

Unit Stats after Upgrades

Upgrades Shots per Attack Damage per Attack Attack Interval (sec) DPS Shots per 10sec
Base 1 2329 3.1 751 3.2
Quick Reload
1 1165 1.6 751 6.5
Double Shot
2 2329 3.6 1307 5.6
Quick Reload &
Double Shot
2 1165 1.8 2613 11.2

Update Notes

  • HP increased from 1544 to 1622.
  • [Assault Mode] is adjusted to: MARKSMAN's HP is increased by 500%, movement speed is increased by 3, ATK is increased by 30%, and attack has a area damage of 9 meters, but range is reduced by 70.
  • HP increased by 5%.
  • The price of [Aerial Specialization] adjusted from 200 to 250.
  • MARKSMAN has a new Tech [Aerial Specialization]: Increase ATK against aerial units by 75%, and increases range by 30 when attacking aerial units.
  • The price of [Assault Mode] is adjusted from 300 to 200.
  • New Tech [Assault Mode]: MARKSMAN's range is reduced by 70, HP is increased by 500%, movement speed is increased by 3, and attack has a 9m area damage.
  • The [Assault MARKSMAN] variant has been removed.
  • Attack interval adjusted from 2.9 to 3.1
  • Attack interval adjusted from 2.8 seconds to 2.9 seconds, attack adjusted from 2248 to 2329
  • [Shooting Squad]: Price adjusted from 250 to 300
  • [Elite Marksman]: Attack bonus adjusted from 23% to 20%
  • Marksman's attack adjusted from 2271 to 2248.
  • [Intelligent Marksman] EXP bonus adjusted to 75%
  • Adjusted the attack bonus of all [Elite Marksman] tech from 30% per level to 23% per level
  • Damage reduced from 2366 to 2271
  • HP increased from 1414 to 1471
  • Shooting Squad Tech price 150 -> 250
  • Page created