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Long-range strike aircraft

Mobility Air
Giant No
Cost 200
Unlock cost 50
Units 2
HP 1464
Attack 3073
Target Air & Ground
Attack Interval 3.2s
Splash Damage No
Burst Damage 6146
Max DPS 1921
Range 120m
Speed 16m/s
Long range, high damage, and excels at striking high HP targets from afar.
Values are normalized to the supply cost of the unit to make it easier to compare units.
The Splash Index tries to calculate the effectiveness vs spam by multiply attacks with slash area and a penalty for damage below 350.
Unit Cost

100 - 125

HP Value

11.7 - 14.6

Burst Value

24.6 - 30.7

DPS Value

7.7 - 9.6

Splash Index




The Phoenix is a long-range, flying unit that excels at dealing high single-target damage to both air and ground units.

The Phoenix shares many similarities to the Marksman in that they are both fragile, long-range damage dealers designed to take out single targets. However, while more expensive than Marksmen, Phoenixes move much faster and can fly - attacks from units like Sledgehammers and Stormcallers that would threaten a marksman won't affect them. Phoenixes also have higher damage per shot than the Marksman, letting Phoenixes kill durable units like Sledgehammers more efficiently. The other main advantage Phoenixes have is access to Quantum Reassembly, which allows destroyed Phoenixes to respawn after a delay; this can all but guarantee a round if the enemy's anti-air units have been crippled or killed after prolonged fighting.

Phoenixes are relatively fragile, and like all long-range units, they are threatened by any unit that can shoot them from beyond its attack range. They are also threatened by Mustangs - their consistent damage and high unit count allowing them to shred Phoenixes while taking few casualties in return.

The Phoenix possesses many of the damage-centric tech upgrades as the Marksman, but also carry several upgrades tailored to increasing its survivability. The aforementioned Quantum Reassembly can allow Phoenixes to respawn faster than they can be shot down if they are taking shots from other units with a low rate of fire, while Energy Shield is a good defense both against Battlefield powers and high-damage attacks from units like Marksmen or opposing Phoenixes.

Range Enhancement is always useful for attacking targets from a safe distance, and Elite Marksman, Charged Shot, and Launcher Overload push its already good damage output even higher. Jump Drive allows Phoenixes to redeploy every round, but this is less useful on Phoenixes as opposed to Wasps - Phoenixes prefer being deployed behind more durable units and make poor flanking units due to their fragility.

Tech Upgrades

Icon Name Cost Description
Quantum Reassembly 300 The cockpit of a destroyed Phoenix will follow behind the nearest allied Phoenix and will be fully restored in 20s. This effect can only be triggered 2 times per battle
Range Enhancement 300 Increases attack range by 40m
Range 160m
Launcher Overload 250 Phoenix's attack interval is reduced by 50%, while the range decreased by 25m
Attack interval 1.6s, Range 95m
Energy Shield 200 Obtain an energy shield that absorbs damage equal to your HP and can block at least one instance of damage.
Jump Drive 50 Increases the Phoenix's movement speed by 5m/s and allows the Phoenix to be freely repositioned during the deployment phase of every round
Speed 21m/s
Electromagnetic Shot 200 Causes electromagnetic interference on hit, temporarily disabling the target unit's Tech and reducing its movement speed by 40%
Debuff duration 4.2 seconds
Elite Marksman 400 The effect increases with unit level, increasing range by 8m and ATK by 20% per level
Charged Shot 200 Phoenix's damage increased by 175%, while the range decreased by 25m
Attack 8451, Range 95m

Update Notes

  • HP reduced from 1541 to 1464.
  • HP reduced from 1623 to 1541
  • ATK reduced by 3%.
  • Attack adjusted from 3367 to 3169.
  • Attack interval adjusted from 3.4 seconds to 3.2 seconds.
  • Attack interval adjusted from 3.3s to 3.4s
  • Attack adjusted from 3268 to 3367
  • [Launcher Overload]: Price adjusted from 300 to 250
  • ([Elite Marksman]: Attack bonus adjusted from 23% to 20%)
  • Phoenix's attack interval adjusted from 3.2 seconds to 3.3 seconds.
  • Adjusted the attack bonus of all [Elite Marksman] tech from 30% per level to 23% per level
  • Adjusted speed from 15m/s to 16m/s
  • New Tech: Charged Shot, Launcher Overload
  • Energy Shield tech added
  • Page created