Map and Grid

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There are currently 5 1v1 maps and 2 2v2 maps available

1v1 Maps

  • Desert
  • Sunset Desert
  • Night Desert
  • Grasslands
  • Airport

2v2 Maps

All 2v2 map types
  • Airport
  • Airport Horizo.


A visual representation of the Mechabellum grid


  • One full field is 720m wide and 620m tall
  • 2v2 has two full fields next to each other for a total of 1440m wide and 620m tall
  • Each player's deploy area is 600m wide and 300m tall
  • Flanks are each 60m wide and 300m tall
  • There is a 20m tall "no man's land" in between the deploy areas
  • Towers are 20x20m and placed 150m away from the top and sides of the deploy area

Unit Placement

  • Squads with more than one model in them are 50x20m, except Phoenixes
  • Phoenixes are 40x20m
  • War Factory is 70x70m
  • Giant units are 40x40m
  • Rhinos and Hackers are 30x30m
  • Arclights and Marksmen are 20x20m
  • Units are locked to a grid made of 10x10m squares
  • Units placed no further forward than the tower and between the tower and flank will prioritize attacking enemies in the flank