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Every player controls two centers. The Command Center and the Research Center. Upon destruction of a center, that players units will temporarily be slowed by 80%, do 90% less damage and take additional damage until the effect wears off after 9 seconds but can be stacked if both get destroyed.

The centers have 3400 HP. This can be increased with Core Building Fortification up to 300,400 HP through 5 upgrades.

  1. cost 100 and add 20k, total 23400 HP
  2. cost 150 and add 36k, total 59400 HP
  3. cost 250 and add 72k, total 131400 HP
  4. cost 350 and add 120k, total 252400 HP
  5. cost 500 and add 207k, total 459400 HP

Additionally, players can unlock technologies and round bonuses in the centers.

Basic Abilities

These abilities are always available and can be placed on the own side up to a total of 8 devices per round. These are one-time devices, but if not destroyed (or activated) they will be fully repaired and stay for the next round.

A 40,000 HP barrier, blocking damage from attacks and battlefield abilities (ground units only). Cost: 100
Sentry Missile
Target the nearest or first target in range dealing 5,000 damage. Can be intercepted or blocked by shields. Cost: 50
Missile Interceptor
Intercept enemy missiles like the Mustang tech. Cost: 100

Command Center

Command center upgrades only last one round

Icon Name Cost Effect
Rapid Resupply 0 Immediately obtain 200 supplies and get 300 fewer supplies in the next round
Mass Recruitment 50 Increses the number of units that can be purchased in this round by 1
Elite Recruitment 100 Lv. 2 units can be purchased in this round
Enhanced Range 100 Increases the range of all units by 15m for this round
High Mobility 50 Increases the movement speed of all units by 3m/s for this round

Research Center

Research Center upgrades are permanent

Icon Name Cost Effect
Sticky oil bomb.png150
Sticky Oil Bombs 150 Sprays sticky oil in a straight line, reducing the movement speed of units within it by 55%. The sticky oil lasts for 2 rounds
Cooldown: 3 rounds, Area: 80m circles overlapping into a 220m line
Field Recovery 100 Allows the use of Field Recovery (Destroy a designated squad and receive a full refund of supplies invested in that squad)
Mobile Beacon 100 Allows the use of Mobile Beacon (Designates the selected unit's movement path)
Attack Enhancement 100 Increases the ATK of all units by 10%
Defense Enhancement 100 Increases the HP of all units by 15%

Update Notes

  • Significantly increased the HP added by [Core Building Fortification]
  • The effect of core building fortification increased by 30%.
  • Core Building Fortification - Each core building can be fortified individually. Players can increase the HP of each core building to 200,000 through 5 fortification upgrades.
  • Missile Interceptor - Players can place devices on the battlefield to intercept enemy missiles (battlefield power cannot be intercepted).
  • The EXP of destroying the core structure has been reduced to 100, which is the same as the experience value of killing a squad of crawlers.
  • Adjusted the duration of the paralyzed state after the core building is destroyed from 13 seconds to 9 seconds.
  • The HP of core buildings has been increased from 3200 to 3400.
  • Now when two core buildings are destroyed in a short time, the duration of the paralyzed state will be stacked.
  • Nuke was removed from the Research Center and became a reinforcement card between rounds for 350.
  • Sticky Oil Bombs are placed in the Research Center with a cooling time of 3 rounds and a cost of 150.